Hairapy Homework

Styling Saturdays - The Mane Event

Learn the 101 on how to become the master of your own mane with these low maintenance hair how-to-do's!

Diagonal Double Roll

A quick deconstruction and reconstruction hair tutorial for medium to long hair types requiring only 2 sections.

The Braided Butterfly

Welcome to the second segment in the hairdresser on fire upstyle tutorials featuring a 4 section braided enveloped soft updo.

The Chic Chignon

Three's a charm with this four minute clean and classic 3 section chignon.

The French Twist-Twist

Here is a modern take on a classic french twist, just over 3 minutes in length. It is similar to the 'Diagonal Double Roll' which was our first featured tutorial, but a little more structured. 

The High Brow Braid

This is 2 sections of hair, one ponytail braid and the second fringe section a french braid blended together to form one section of hair.

The Pony Up

This is the quickest of the Styling Saturday how-to hair demos. 

The Side Saddle

This is a snaky side french braid with its tail tucked. 

The Fighter Fishtail

This is a ponytail fishtail 101 hair demo.

The Tousled Tulip

Introducing our sweet tribute to Spring with this very quick and straight forward how-to-tutorial. It's base is a very high ponytail, split open in the middle and snaked its tail through the centre and folded under into a soft and clean chignon.

The Sweet Sally Cinnamon

This is a 3 spiral section mini bun upstyle that is quick & easy to evolve into other variations.

The Love Bird's Nest

This is an organic sew-up upstyle waiting for you to master in under 3 minutes or less using a knitting needle and either ribbon or waxed linen thread.

HOT Crossed BUNS

Introducing a quick & very chic summery up style consisting of only 2 coiled buns.  

The Bunny Bun

This demos your basic pulled out pony with its tail jumped through itself and tucked neatly inside a small bun, achieving a modern yet classic and clean finish

The Proudest Pony

This is your classic pony tail with its own hairband wrap creating a slick style for everyday or evening. 


This is a super sweet update to the traditional side part French braid, with a soft basket weave finish. 

The WonderFall

This is a do for the french braid savvy exclusively. Its and an asymmetrical braid where a sliver of the middle section is left out to produce a waterfall effect over the main.

Climbing The Ladder

This should be called the lowrider for obvious reason's when you enjoy this entertaining demo of the upside down french braid.

Sean Lion

The 'Sea Lion' is a super sweet & quick summery solution to a hot day or night. It is a side ponytail wound  into a neat and secure nape section with a shell like cover of the rest of the mane.

The Twist & Shout

This is the quickest of the lot!!! You gather your entire mane and twist and pin the pony to the side, then wrap the remainder into itself and pin to secure.

Having A Ball

This is a modern take on the classic chignon. It is a slick ponytail folded forward with a fun crown section which has the ability to alter your look to an edgy, or 40's look.  

I'll Tumble For Ya

Welcome to the 'Hair Hibernation' series of hair quickies to boost you out of your mane rut. This hair how-to-demo is a series of 3 or more loose ponytails where you split each section and snake the bottom through and continue till you run out of hair. Successful left out, or pinned up completely

Tying The Knot

This is a unique upstyle consisting of a series of simple knots in 3 sections of the head, creating a clean and modern mohawk effect. If applied to almost dry hair to set, it achieves a beautiful mane of waves. 

Cross My Heart

With a nod to Movember this is a classy spin on the chignon, with 2 sections that wrap around the back bun. 

Roll & Rock

This is a sophisticated spin on the traditional Chignon, with many ways to personalize it to reflect your style. Ideal for medium to long hair types. 

The French Knot

This is a take on the classic french braid, only a little easier with only feeding the upstyle with a 2 sections into a continuous weave of knots, with the extension tucked neatly underneath.

It's A Wrap

Enjoy some March magic with a soft and pretty quick upstyle involving a low braid wrapped around the hairline to the ear and the rest neatly tucked into the braid.

The Sweetest Scorpion

This is a fresh twist of the classic French braid, it wraps around the head and tucks its winding tail for a soft & sophisticated upstyle.

Love Is In The Hair

This is a sweet and simple hair decoration to any mane, made up of 2 braided section, coiled into the shape of a heart. 

I Woke Up Like This

This is pure magic for your mane, just wrap and go. It's a hair crown that doubles as the perfect organic setting for some serious sweet waves au natural.